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The world's greatest Mixing Consoles

A website about the best mixing consoles in the world and their makers - from Rupert Neve to Solid State Logic (SSL).

Find information about the Solid State Logic 4000 G, Solid State Logic Duality and AWS 900, Neve 88 RS, Neve 88D, Neve Genesis, API 1608 and many more famous mixing desks.

This site is about large, professional inline mixing consoles. These are consoles that usually cost at least $50,000.- or even much more. We're also talking about digital consoles, although the main focus is on high end analog gear. Big professional inline consoles usually offer at least 32 channels with full parametric EQs, FX sends and compressors on each channel. They also offer flexible routing options and the possibility to create different mixes for the control room and the artist at the same time. Todays high end mixing consoles also serve as DAW controller while offerings the best analog circuits ever designed.
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