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Great and famous Mixing Consoles

Solid State Logic SL4000 E/G (1980s)

When the Solid State Logic SL4000E was released in the late 1970s it started a revolution. With 32 or more channels featuring an incredibly great EQ, a good compressor and sidechain features on each channel, plus a fantastic stereo bus compressor, it helped to create the sound of the 1980s. The Solid State Logic 4000 series console allowed to create more precise drum sounds than any other console before.

The success story of the Solid State Logic SL4000 series continued with the G series offering VCA automation and new EQs, as well as the G+ with motorized fader automation options. Larger versions of the G series consoles (64 or more channels) were usually labeled as SL8000.

The Solid State Logic 4000 remains a very popular mixing console even today, many consoles are now available on the second hand market. Solid State Logic doesn't repair the consoles anymore, therefore people are often using several defective units to build new consoles now.

Solid State Logic SL9000 J/K (1990s)

The Solid State Logic SL9000J was the successor of the SL4000 and SL8000 series mixing consoles. These consoles featured new "super analogue" circuits as well as a completely new computer system as the Z80-based G computer was now quite outdated. Options such as motorized faders were now standard on all consoles. SL9000 series desk were usually shipped with a large number of channels, usually 64 or more.

The Solid State Logic SL9000 became a very popular mixing console among R&B producers and many high end studios replaced their SL4000 or SL8000 systems by an SL9000. The 9000 series consoles are quite rare on the second hand marked, as fewer units were produced and most studios owning one do not plan to sell them as they're still considered to be among the best mixing consoles every built.

Solid State Logic Duality (today)

The Solid State Logic Duality mixing console is based on the "super analogue" circuits of the SL9000K series and it also includes the SL4000G stereo master bus compressor. Additionally the mixing console can now be used as a DAW control surface - therefore the name "Duality", is it's both a high end analog mixing console and a digital DAW controller.

The Solid State Logic Duality is clearly targeted at high end studios, and over 100 units have been sold today. Large scale consoles such as the Duality are no longer produced in high numbers, and the "good old times" of the SL4000 era are all long gone. Nevertheless there remains a market for such large mixing consoles.

Solid State Logic AWS900 (today)

Based on the same technology as the Duality, the Solid State Logic AWS900 offers 24 channel "super analogue" technology including the famous Solid State Logic EQs at a reasonable price for smaller project studios. The AWS900 can be used as a DAW contoller, just like the Duality.

The mixing console also offers the Solid State Logic stereo master bus compressor, but there are no compressors on individual channels. There are two channel compressors that can be assigned to two of the available 24 channels of the desk. Unlike the Duality the AWS900 cannot be upgraded with additional channels.


Automated mixing consoles with moving faders and many other innovative features already appeared in the mid 1970s. Learn more about mixing console automation now!

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